I had forgotten……

I had forgotten what it was like to spend a afternoon in the shop working on a project. The fact you can block the world out and do your own thing is great. Has been a long time between drinks. I manage to get a fair bit done despite the weather starting to get grey and dark. Welcome to spring! Yeah right.

Anyway I have come away feeling more like a person. That I was productive and managed to catch up to where I should of been months ago.

I aiming to finish the dinning table in the next week or two. Just need the rain to go away. Almost finish the built in wardrobe project (that seems to have taken forever). Then it’s on to some nice little project for a family member.

I really must start to remember to photo everything so I have a record of what I have been doing.

Hurry up Summer, can’t wait for those long summer days where I can be in the workshop till late.